2020 One-on-One Employment Meetings for Global Talents

2020 / 03 / 02

Through the support of the Department of Investment Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Education, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), the foremost non-profit trade promotion organization in Taiwan, is holding a series of career activities in which you can meet Taiwanese enterprises interested in recruiting talents from all over the world.

Participating enterprises come from a wide range of industries, including electrical and electronics, information technology, machinery, semiconductor, energy, steel, medical, banking, textile, research and development, etc.

<Information of these activiries>
1. 13:30-17:00, April 16 @ Ambassador Hotel in Hsinchu City
2. 13:30-17:00, May 8 @ Zanda Suites in Tainan City
3. 13:00-17:00, May 22 @ Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) in Taipei City


2020 / 02 / 09

1.  As the epidemic of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak getting severe, the starting date of the Spring Semester has been postponed accordingly. Related course selection periods have been adjusted as well. In order to maintain your rights, please review the “Course Selection Notices/Guidelines for Course Selection” before the selection.

→Click here for 2020 Spring Semester Course Notices and Guidelines←

2.   Dates for 2020 Spring Semester Course Selection:

◆ [Courses Add & Drop]: 2020/3/3 (TUE) 8:30 to 2020/3/12 (THURS) 17:00.

◆ [Courses Drop —2nd time (last chance)]: 2020/3/13(FRI) 08:30 to 2020/3/16 (MON) 17:00.

◆Confirm Class Timetable online: 2020/3/17(TUE) 08:30 to 2020/3/23(MON) 17:00.

3. Please contact the Curriculum Section for any course inquiries :

NTPU-2020 Spring Semester Arrival date and notices of health and safety on campus Survey

2020 / 02 / 07
NTPU-2020 Spring Semester Arrival date and notices of health and safety on campus Survey
To prevent the 2019-nCoV infection in NTPU, all students are required to answer NTPU Novel coronavirus (2019 nCoV) Survey.

The Survey helps to discover the potential infection resource and control the transmission for 2019 n-CoV.

A. All NTPU faculty, staff and students returning from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, are required to monitor their body temperature 14 days in the morning and evening.

B. Please wear a mask to rest in the bedroom with a private bathroom, and avoid entering or leaving public places to minimize contact with others. Wash your hands regularly with soap and cover your nose and mouth with sleeves when coughing and sneezing. Do not share personal belongings with others. Maintain good personal hygiene.

D. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your sleeve when coughing and sneezing.

E. Continue to wear a mask if respiratory symptoms occur.

F. It's required to disinfect the environment with diluted bleach. The single exit is expected and everyone should take the temperature. If any fever occurs, please inform us.

G. Suggestion for environment disinfection:
(1) For environment such as desks and chairs in the classroom, furniture, cook, etc, 1:100 diluted bleach (500 ppm) is recommended for disinfection.
(2) For the bathroom or the surface of the toilet, 1:10 diluted bleach (500 ppm) is recommended for disinfection.
(3) It's advised to disinfect the environment at least once a day and use the bleach made that day.
(4) Maintain well cleansed and ventilated indoors.

H. If you come in contact with the 2019 New Coronavirus (2019nCoV) from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and have a fever or flu-like symptoms, (eg fever> 38 ° C, cough, runny nose, sore throat, etc.) please inform quarantine officers at the airport/port immediately. Or dial 1922 to obtain instructions on seeking medical attention.

I. For more information, please visit the Taiwan CDC website at For more NTPU Epidemics prevention and environment disinfection information at The epidemics prevention instruction will be followed by Taiwan CDC.

NTPU cares about you.

NTPU-2020 Spring Semester Arrival date and notices of health and safety on campus Survey

NTPU postpones the starting date until March 2, 2020

2020 / 02 / 06

National Taipei University (NTPU) announced that the starting date of the Spring Semester has been postponed until March 2, 2020 to reduce the risk of the COVID-19 outbreak on Feb. 4, 2020.

The University has also adjusted the 2020 Spring Semester Academic Calendar and will submit the new calendar to the Ministry of Education for its reference after it is approved by the administration meeting to be held on Feb. 7, 2020.

According to the new calendar, the coming semester will end in the beginning of July and the summer vacation will start on July 6, 2020.

Meanwhile, the commencement will be held on June 13, 2020.

The dates of the graduate school entrance examination will remain the same, and the University will adopt stringent preventive measures against the currently epidemic disease.

NTPU also sets the process to make sure the safety and health of all foreign students.  All students from Hong Kong and Macau, who lived in the dormitory, will be advised to return before Feb. 15, 2020 and will be taken to the dormitory for the 14-day health observation.

"It's rent-free for students who come back between Feb. 14 and Feb. 15, 2020 for these 14 days from those two days, “said the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), "but if they come back later than Feb. 15, 2020 and live out of the dormitory, they have to pay the rent by themselves."

The OSA said that those students will be housed in separate rooms and have to report their temperature every morning and night to the University.

After the 14-day health observation, the dormitory will be re-opened for all students between Feb. 29 and March 1, 2020.

To prevent the 2019-nCoV infection in NTPU, all students are required to answer NTPU COVID-19 Survey.

First day of 2020 Spring semester postpones to March 2

2020 / 02 / 06

Dear students,

In response to the outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China, NTPU postpones the first day of the 2020 Spring Semester to March 2 (Monday), the orientation date will be announced soon.  Meanwhile,for the good school environment, we would like to ask for your favor and cooperation to answer the survey before Feb. 9, 2020.

Survey(Feb. 5 to Feb. 9): 

For some students who booked the Sanxia campus housing are coming next week, the check-in time is available on Feb.15 to Feb.16 or Feb.29 to March 1 (09:00-18:00). We strongly recommend you don’t entry to China, Hong Kong and Macau recently in this special time.  For all of you should aware of your current health condition, if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us: Healthy & Care Center 02-8674-1111 ext.66256、66258 or call the toll-free hotline 1922 to obtain instructions on seeking medical attention.

<Information Link>

Taiwan Center for Disease Control 

Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (TAIWAN) 

2020 / 02 / 01


2020 / 01 / 09

2020 Spring 2nd Course Pre-Selection Date: 1/14(TUE)8:30~1/20(MON) 17:00
1.  In order to maintain your rights, please review the “Course Selection Notices/Guidelines for Course Selection” before the selection.
Click here for 2020 Spring Semester Course Notices and Guidelines
Courses for 2020 Spring are now searchable in the Course Query System.
Dates for 2020 Spring Semester Course Selection:
Course selection [2nd Stage]: 2020/1/14 (TUE) 8:30 to 2020/1/20 (MON) 17:00
     Course selection results will be searchable after 2020/2/3(MON) 18:00
Please contact the Curriculum Section for any course inquiries

Call for Papers: ICBA 2020 at NTPU

2019 / 12 / 29

【Call for Papers】

2020 International Conference on Business Administration (ICBA 2020) at NTPU

May 8, 2020

Taipei Campus, National Taipei University, Taipei, Taiwan

2020 International Conference on Business Administration (ICBA 2020) at National Taipei University (NTPU) calls for English papers in the field of management, emphasizing innovative and interesting issues. As a prestigious academic conference, ICBA 2020, organized by Department of Business Administration at National Taipei University, has become an important event for academic researchers, practical experts, professors, Ph.D. and master students, managers, decision makers, and so on.

ICBA 2020 is not only an academic forum but also a professional platform for participants to share, learn, communicate, and exchange research ideas. Please submit full papers to before the due day, March 16, 2020, and join us immediately. Selected excellent papers will be given full consideration for publication in the special issue of Journal of Business Administration (JBA, ISSN: 1025-9627), which is indexed in EconLit, EBSCO, ABI/INFORM, and ProQuest. The submission scope of ICBA 2020 includes the following topics:

‧ Strategic management ‧ Marketing management ‧ Financial management
‧ Organizational behavior ‧ Human resource management ‧ Information management
‧ Operation management ‧ Electronic commerce ‧ Big data analysis
‧ Supply chain management ‧ Logistics management ‧ International business management
‧ Corporate social responsibility ‧ Corporate sustainability ‧ Knowledge management
‧ Health care administration ‧ Artificial intelligence ‧ Leisure management
‧ Managerial accounting ‧ Entrepreneurship management ‧ Innovation management
‧ Technology management ‧ Project management ‧ Other topics

Important Dates and Conference Venue

Due day of paper submission: March 16, 2020
Notification of acceptance: 14 working days after submission
Due day of payment after paper acceptance: April 6, 2020
Due day of submission of revised full paper, registration form, and postal remittance receipt (or electronic wire transfer receipt): April 8, 2020
Conference date: 13:30-17:30 p.m. on May 8, 2020
Conference venue:7F Seminar Room, No. 67, Sec. 3, Min-Sheng E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei Campus, National Taipei University, Taipei 10478, Taiwan


Authors are kindly invited to submit full papers to: by means of email for peer review before the due day, March 16, 2020. Only the paper titles, author names, affiliations, abstracts, and keywords of the accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of ICBA 2020. The proceedings of ICBA 2020 will not publish the accepted full papers.

Registration Fees and Payment Options

After receiving the notification of paper acceptance, the authors will be kindly invited to complete the payment of registration fees before the due day, April 6, 2020. There are two payment options listed as follows. If authors locate in Taiwan, please apply Option 1 to pay registration fees per accepted paper. Moreover, if authors locate in areas except Taiwan, please apply Option 2 to pay registration fees per accepted paper.

【Option 1】:
Postal Remittance via Post Office Giro Number (only for authors in Taiwan)
1. Registration fees per accepted paper: student-NT$1,500 or non-student-NT$3,000
2. The details of postal remittance via post office Giro number are listed as follows:
Post Office Giro Number: 19456481
Payee’s Name: National Taipei University
Message: ICBA 2020 at NTPU

【Option 2】:
Electronic Wire Transfer via SWIFT code (for authors in areas except Taiwan)
1. Registration fees per accepted paper: student-US$50 or non-student-US$100
2. The details of electronic wire transfer via SWIFT code are listed as follows:
Institution (Company) Name: National Taipei University
Account Name: National Taipei University
Account Number: 112056000022
Bank Address: 83, Minsheng St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Branch Name: Land Bank of Taiwan, Sanshia Branch

After the completion of the above payment, please email revised full paper, registration form, and postal remittance receipt (or electronic wire transfer receipt) to: before the due day, April 8, 2020.

Formatting Guidelines

Papers must be in English of up to 15 pages in conference paper format.
References and citations must follow the APA (American Psychological Association) Referencing Guide and APA Citation Format.
Paper content must be original and relevant to one of the conference topics.
Authors should ensure the accuracy of quotations, citations, figures, and tables.
Figures and tables must be clear and placed at the right positions in the text.
Papers must follow the format according to the downloadable Word template.

More Information

Organizer: Department of Business Administration at National Taipei University
Co-organizers: Taipei Business Administration Association, Alumni Association of Department of Business Administration at NTPU

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the conference executive secretary, Ms. Michelle Huang, via email:

2020 Spring 1st Course Pre-Selection between Dec 17 and 23

2019 / 12 / 10

2020 Spring 1st Course Pre-Selection Date: 12/17(TUE)8:30~12/23(MON) 17:00
1.  In order to maintain your rights, please review the “Course Selection Notices/Guidelines for Course Selection” before the selection.
Click here for 2020 Spring Semester Course Notices and Guidelines
2.  Courses for 2020 Spring are now searchable in the Course Query System.
3.  Dates for 2020 Spring Semester Course Selection:
Course selection [1st Stage]: 2019/12/17(TUE) 8:30 to 2019/12/23(MON) 17:00
     Course selection results will be searchable after 2019/12/30(MON) 18:00
4. Please contact the Curriculum Section for any course inquiries

NTPU Won the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award

2019 / 11 / 28

National Taipei University (NTPU) President Lee, Chen-Jai (李承嘉) said on Nov. 28 that NTPU will do more in the future, including more courses and resources, as the school has won the “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award for the second consecutive year.

The award was offered by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy and aimed at constant development of firms, environment and talents.

While attending the ceremony, Legislative Speaker Su, Jia-Chyuan (蘇嘉全) said that caring for the environment, helping cultivate talents as well as social responsibilities are all crucial for a company to build its reputation.  Eugene Chien (簡又新), chairman for the institute, urged all the participants, including private firms, organizations and schools, to continue their good work to inspire local market and government bodies, so more foreign investments would come to Taiwan in the future.

NTPU published the “2017-2018 National Taipei University Sustainable Evaluation” in July by following the mechanism and standards by the GSSB, while the evaluation made public of all kinds of information that foreign investments may need to know.  This evaluation was also recognized and confirmed by accountants before it was published.

This evaluation is also available on NTPU’s website.

The president said, however, he noticed that many participants put more efforts on their organization reforms and their own evaluations, which reflected the fact that there is still room for NTPU, as a participant, to make progress.  Vice President Chang, Wen-Yu (張文郁) will be responsible for following up related resources from different offices in a hope that NTPU may take the lead in terms of sustainability.

The “2019 Global Company Sustainability Forum” was organized at the Grand Hotel between Nov. 28 and Nov. 29.  In addition to this award, related professors, scholars, officials from all around the world and representatives from local firms, organizations and schools shared their views through seminars and workshops.

NTPU’s College of Business also organized the “company sustainability” workshop during the forum. Michel Delorme, dean for Laurentian University’s Facility of Management in Canada, was invited to deliver a speech on “CSR cultural development, while many domestic researchers and professors also made public their research results in various workshops during the event.

Claim of NTPU regarding HK situation

2019 / 11 / 15

In response to the current situation in Hong Kong, National Taipei University (NTPU) will provide all kinds of supports for students to continue their studies.

1.          We strongly suggest that the NTPU students who are currently in the exchange program of our Hong Kong partner universities return to Taiwan ASAP.  The administrative offices (international affairs and academic affairs) will assist the students to deal with the ensuing issues such as final exams, credit transfer, and etc.

2.          NTPU accepts the requests from our partner universities worldwide regarding transferring their exchange students who originally plan to study in Hong Kong in the coming semester.

3.          We welcome all international students studying in Hong Kong to finish their degree at NTPU.

Foreign degree students studying in universities in Hong Kong: You can apply for the admission to 2020 Spring Semester (February) of NTPU.  The application duration is November 20 to December 10.  Please contact NTPU Admission & General Affairs Section. +886-2-86741111, ext.66119 or visit &

For further information, please contact NTPU Office of International Affairs: +886-2-86741111, ext.68002(International Students Section) or ext.66218-66220 (Overseas and Cross-trait Students Section).

2019 / 11 / 06

NTPU Becomes a Member of Artificial Intelligence Financial Technology

2019 / 10 / 31

Along with five other universities and five local banks, National Taipei University (NTPU) on Oct. 30 became a member of this ally of artificial intelligence financial technology and will develop more talents in the field with other members.

The ally was convened by inFlux President Arthur Yao (姚木川), who is also an EMBA student at NTPU and joined by National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, Soochow University, National Taipei University of Business, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Shin Kong Bank, Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Concord Securities, KGI Bank and Far Eastern International Bank.  The end goal for this ally was to develop more talents to work out more artificial intelligence devices to help financial technology.

Yao said that for banking business, an alternative solution for more potential markets will be the best antidote but the process is often jammed due to related laws.  Through the ally, he is expecting more alternative solutions from these future talents, that they may join the market with their creativities and fresh ideas for new breakthroughs.

 “I think this ally will be a great booster for local competition between local banks,” said Chang Chuang-chang (張傳章), vice chairman for the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC).  “However, I am also hoping that this ally would do its best to avoid potential risks and ethical issues that may come from artificial intelligence.”

Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable Secretary General Wu Tang-chieh (吳當傑) said that the FSC and his organization have been recruiting future talents in the banking business.  He is hoping this ally will help him locate and train more potential candidates in the future.

NTPU Vice President Chen Dar-hsin (陳達新) said that this ally covers two hottest issues today – artificial intelligence and financial technology.  Unfortunately, it is always difficult for schools to recruit qualified teachers in these fields.  The ally, however, offers field teachers to help students “practice” while it will also help train remaining teachers at the same time.

The vice president also said that the capability of composing software programs is more and more important for many schools.  But he believes that management and marketing are also important on top of composing programs.  In addition to participating in the ally, NTPU’s business school is also teaming up with Amazon so more information and resources will be available for the future development of artificial intelligence and financial technology.

Yao said that it is more important for artificial intelligence and financial technology to fit in our daily life.  While he is trying to recruit more talents from this ally, Shin Kong Bank is also trying to hire more talents in arts and philosophy.

Distinguished Alumnus Gives All His NTPU Collections for Establishing a Museum

2019 / 10 / 26
While receiving the award for remarkable contribution to his alma mater, National Taipei University (NTPU) Alumni Association honorary chairman Chang Pen-tsao (張平沼) said on Oct. 25 that he will donate all his collections and a set up a museum for it.

A total of 2019 distinguished alumni were awarded. In addition to Chang, “Academic Achievement Award” went to Chen Chun-houh (陳君厚) and Chiu Chien-liang (邱建良). “Business Administration Award” went to Cho Lung-yeh (卓隆燁), Casey Lai (賴冠仲), Michael Huang (黃宗仁) and Jerry Kuo (郭書齊). “Public Service Award” belonged to Wang Ching-hsiu (王靚琇), Chiang Chao-kuo (江朝國), Hsieh Ling-yuan (謝鈴媛), Chuang Jui-hsiung (莊瑞雄), and Frank Chiu (邱豐光). “Art and Athletic Award” went to Sophiyah Liu (劉柏君). And, the “Memorial Award” went to the late National Chengchi University sociology professor Hsieh Kao-chiao (謝高橋).

During his speech, Chang said that he is nobody, to compare with all the remarkable NTPU alumni. He would dedicate the song “Devotion” to all the teachers and alumni who contributed to this school. What they did is also the inspiration for himself to keep moving forward.

In the meantime, Chang also announced his donation, that he would give all antique collections, such as Chinese paintings, drawings...etc. to NTPU and establish a museum for them on the Sanxia campus.

On behalf of NTPU, Lee said that he would take good care and take advantage of the contribution from all the alumni, while there will be more international programs, cross-field workshops and maintenance projects for remaining facilities in the future.

More than 700 faculty members and alumni are expected to participate in this year’s big night to mark NTPU’s 70th anniversary. Alumni Association Chairman Hsieh Shih-tsang (謝士滄) encouraged his fellow award-winning alumni that they need to pass on their responsibilities to next generations so the story will go on.

HDG Foundation Chairman Sun Ching-yuan was awarded for “honorary alumnus” for the foundation’s sponsorship for the wood craft classroom. Meanwhile, Department of Business Administration alumnus Joan Leu (呂惠清) was also awarded for the same prize because her sons Brent Chow (周世軒) and Bill Chow (周玉庭) and she have continued her late husband Tony Chow’s (周禮復) project to complete the new facility for the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

There were 70 tables for the anniversary banquet, which was joined by alumni from America, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. By singing along Happy Birthday song, they also wished the best for NTPU in years to come.


(The Remarkable Contribution Award) Chang Pen-tsao (張平沼): Graduated from law school in 1967. Current president for Unitech Corp. and chairman for Taiwan Federation of Commerce. Chang has been involved in the fields of law, business and politics and has remarkable achievements for the nation’s business development as well as international communications. He was also the first remarkable alumni winner, while he was also one of the activists who helped the school be upgraded from a college to a complete university and relocate to Sanxia. He also recently sponsored the construction of the pedestrian walk around the Lake of Heart on the campus. NTPU will not be the same without his help and contribution.

(The Academic Achievement Award)

Chen Chun-houh (陳君厚): Graduated from the Department of Statistics in 1984. He is a research fellow from the Academia Sinica’s Institute of Statistical Science. Chen has been involved in related research in AI related development as well as international interaction with foreign counterparts in statistics, such as researchers from Japan and Korea. He is also involved in the Department of Statistics’ alumni association a lot, that he would help his fellow alumni and recent graduates on every aspect of their careers.

Chiu Chien-liang (邱建良): Finished his graduate degree from the Department of Economics in 1985. He is now a professor from Tamkang University’s Department of Banking and Finance and the CEO of the Office of Continuing Education. Chiu has been long-term involved in academics and education. In recent years, he has been trying to take advantage of his connections between education and local firms to offer more practical training opportunities for students.

(The Business Administration Award)

Cho Lung-yeh (卓隆燁): Cho graduated from the Department of Accounting in 1983. Cho is now the special aide to Ruentex Group’s president. He actually began his career when he was still a student at NTPU and was involved various kinds of jobs, from private firms to government offices. He is also highly recognized by his clients.

Casey Lai (賴冠仲): Lai graduated from the Department of Business Administration in 1984 and is the CEO of Deloitte Taiwan. He has been a part of the listing process for many major groups and firms. He also continues to offer his contribution with the expertise in accounting, in return of building a well-organize mechanism in the field. Meanwhile, he is also into teaching, and trying to pass on whatever he has learned and been equipped to the next generations.

Michael Huang (黃宗仁): He graduated from the Department of Statistics in 1989 and is the president for the Metroasis Outdoors, which he established in 1991. As an outdoor gear seller, Huang’s company introduced foreign brand names to Taiwan, while he also has his own brand name products to be sold in other Asian countries. He said he would start his own outdoor gear business because he participate in the mountain climbing association when he was a student at NTPU, while he was totally inspired for devoting himself into this field.

Jerry Kuo (郭書齊): Kuo graduated from the Department of Business Administration in 1997. He is the co-founder of the Kuo Brothers. He took the chance of the escalating development of online business and decided to start his own business with his brother. His company and he have won many awards and are regarded as one of the leading brands among all the online companies. Kuo urged his fellow NTPU alumni not to lose their faith and tried to learn as much as possible from their classes and participation in student associations while they are still on the campus.

(The Public Service Award)

Wang Ching-hsiu (王靚琇): Wang graduated from the Department of Land Economics in 1979 and is now the head for Ministry of the Interior’s Department of Land Administration. She became a government employee ever since she graduated from NTPU and has constantly been involved in her major. In today’s real estate market, buyers can easily look for reasonable prices online because Wang has been working hard to make that happen. Under her command, her office was recognized and awarded by the Executive Yuan for quality services. Wang was awarded twice as the role model government official.

Chiang Chao-kuo (江朝國): Chiang graduated from the law school in 1980. He is now the president for Yuanta Life. He was the first student who studied insurance law in Austria and Germany with government’s financial aid. He became a faculty member at NTPU after he graduated and was selected as the dean for law school. Chiang was also nominated or commissioned for various positions in the insurance business and then the president for Yuanta today.

Hsieh Ling-yuan (謝鈴媛): Hsieh graduated from the Department of Public Finance in 1985. She is now the director general for Ministry of Finance’s Customs Administration. Hsieh became a government official after she passed the national exam after she graduated from NTPU, and has devoted herself in the administration for more than 30 years. As she has been involved in all kinds of assignments with the administration, she was awarded as the role model government official twice during her services.

Chuang Jui-hsiung (莊瑞雄): Chuang earned his EMBA degree in 2005 and is serving as a lawmaker. Meanwhile, he has been credited as one of the lawmakers with quality services by the Citizen Congress Watch. He has proposed 311 cases during his latest term and 56 of them were already approved. Upon his being awarded, he said he would give his special thanks to Prof. Huang Ying-shan (黃營杉), who was his academic advisor. He also vowed to continue his quality services as a lawmaker by following NTPU’s motto, which is seeking the truth and serving the people.

Frank Chiu (邱豐光): Chiu earned his master’s degree from Graduate School of Criminology in 2008, and is now serving as the director general of the Ministry of the Interior’s National Immigration Agency. As a senior police officer, Chiu has been commissioned for various kinds of positions as the leading officers at many police offices during the past decades. Since he took oath of the director general’s office in 2018, he has been trying to carry out all kinds of reforms to make sure that human rights are well covered and all the process for all kinds of deals become easier and faster for the public. He said he appreciated all those teachers who have helped him see things from a different views.

(The Art and Athletic Award)

Sophiyah Liu (劉柏君): Liu graduated from the Department of Social Work in 2001. She is now the head PR for Taiwan Women’s Baseball Advocate Associate. Liu grew up in a Daoism family, which became a reason for her to dedicate herself in to related study in regions, in addition to her expertise in social work. In addition, she has been into women’s baseball activities and has been the first female umpire of the nation. She was also awarded for one of the nation’s 10 remarkable young people.

(The Memorial Award)

Hsieh Kao-chiao (謝高橋): Hsieh graduated from the Department of Sociology in 1955 and has been a lecturer for the Department of Sociology of Chunghsing University’s Law and Business Schools, and the director for National Chengchi University’s Department of Sociology. Hsieh has dedicated himself for education for entire life and has been recognized by his students as “one of the most unforgettable teachers.” He once said that to be a teacher, you need to talk about what students love to hear, instead of talking about what teachers are interested in. During his teaching, Hsieh always encouraged his students to “think.”

Faculty Members, Alumni and Students Celebrate NTPU’s 70th Anniversary With the Sports Day

2019 / 10 / 26

Faculty members, alumni and students organized the sports day on the Sanxia campus on Oct. 26 to celebrate the 70th anniversary for National Taipei University (NTPU), as President Lee Chen-jia (李承嘉) announced that a world-class girls’ volley ball team will be established.

Alumni from Malaysia, Hong Kong and America came back to Taiwan because they were planning to team up with Alumni Association members for the volley ball team and it is also the first time for alumni to participate in the anniversary sports day event.  The president was very impressed and thankful for what alumni did.  He said that NTPU may not be what it is today if it is not for these alumni.

The president said that they need about NT$27 million to renew and expand related facilities in the gym.  With the financial aid from the Ministry of Education and donations from alumni, the amount has been collected and the new facilities will be available by the end of this year, while the female volley ball team will be organized with sponsorship.

Alumni Association Chairman Hsieh Shih-tsang (謝士滄) said that the association was established in 2000 but all the alumni would be happy to celebrate the 70th anniversary.  He said he is happy that alumni would have the chance to participate in the sports day event and is hoping that all NTPU students would enjoy it, cultivate strong bodies and mind for more future challenges.

“You won’t have any idea how many alumni we have if you do not work for the government,” said Su Jain-rong (蘇建榮), minister of finance.  “I believe today’s NTPU students will make bigger entrances in the future.”

In addition to alumni, NTPU students also participated in the event with their creativities. Students from the Department of Real Estate and Built Environment, for example, showed up with their scales and peach-shaped buns, while Department of Chinese Literature students made an entrance with birthday balloons.  International students from International College of Sustainability Innovations walked the track with their traditional costumes of their own countries and national flags, which made them highlights of the event immediately.

Office of International Affairs staff members invited international students to make the entrance with them, while Office of Students’ Affairs sang NTPU’s anthem with dancing.  In the meantime, retired staff and faculty members also joined the event with “uniforms,” that they tried to put on same-color clothes to walk the track.

In addition to the sports day event, there were all kinds of related events or activities, such as the school carnival, crane machines, etc., and was a truly happy day for the NTPU family.

Cheerleaders Contest Championship Belongs to the Department of Business Administration

2019 / 10 / 26

The 2019 Sports Day was organized at National Taipei University’s (NTPU) Sanxia Campus on Oct. 26, as the Teamwork Award went to the Department of Public Administration and Policy and the Department of Business Administration went home with the trophy of cheerleaders’ contest.

Nine teams participated in the cheerleader’s contest.  Cheerleaders from the Department of Business Administration presented their performance – wedding – in front of the crowds and caught everybody’s eyes at the scene, as they went home with the trophy.

“I knew, we are the champions.  I just knew it,” said Chen Wei-yu (陳威瑀), a sophomore from the department.

Cheerleaders from the Department of Real Estate and Built Environment danced to a mix of children’s rhymes, while they presented as a musical.  They checked in the second place of the contest. 

The third place – the Department of Finance and Cooperative Management, Arab tunes, costumes, and props were used during their show, which also became a highlight of the contest.

Cheerleaders from the Department of Public Administration and Policy took advantage of Japanese style costumes and props during their dance, while those huge props of theirs impressed the audiences because it was quite rare for a cheerleaders’ contest.

Cheerleaders from the Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics combined the features of all kinds of arts into their dance, including sculpture, painting, and even Chinese painting, as they were trying to deliver the message – arts are around you.  By following the lunar calendar, they also presented different greetings of different seasons.

Students from Departments of Chinese Literature, Social Work, History, Sociology and Computer Science and Information Engineering decided to work together as a team to join the contest.  During their performance, everything was about the number “five,” which was also regarded as “creative work.”

 “Night markets” became the feature for the Department of Economics cheerleaders, as they presented all kinds of night market snacks and dishes during their show.

For the Department of Leisure and Sport Management, their cheerleaders took advantage of the importance of keeping environment clean, as their moves were related all kinds of cleanup activities.

In addition to the cheerleaders’ contest, male athletes from the law school won the teamwork championship on the tracks, followed by the Department of Leisure and Sport Management, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science and Information Engineering.  For female athletes, the Department of Leisure and Sport Management went home with the trophy, followed by the Business Administration, Electrical Engineering and Real Estate and Built Environment.

Honorary Professor Chao Shwu-der’s Exhibition Opened

2019 / 10 / 24
Marking the 70th anniversary of National Taipei University (NTPU), honorary professor Chao Shwu-der (趙淑德) presented 70 Chinese paintings of hers at the library since Oct. 24.

Chao is a remarkable faculty member of NTPU because she spent almost her entire life on the campus, from a student who first enrolled as a freshman at Department of Land Economics in 1961 and ended up a retired professor, who has continued painting as a hobby of hers ever since she was a kid.

Former Examination Yuan President Hsu Shui-teh (許水德) said that Chao was also the first person who organized a Chinese painting exhibition at the Examination Yuan, while she served as a board member. Her first exhibition also became the inspiration for fellow amateur painters who are also officials from other government bodies to do the same. Former minister of examination Chen Chin-jang (陳金讓) also recognized Chao’s work. He said she is good at almost everything, from mountains to flowers, from birds to portraits. A prefect exhibition to display these masterpieces to celebrate NTPU’s anniversary, he said.

Extinguished alumnus George Chang (張法鶴) said that each of Chao’s Chinese paintings delivered a message. A painting of a pair of chickens, for example, is a metaphor of loving birds. A painting of blooming flowers and butterflies is encouraging students to continue to grow and chances will be theirs whenever they are ready, he said.

NTPU Alumni Association honorary chairman Chang Pen-tsao (張平沼) said he could feel that Chao continued to make progress on her painting although she is an amateur painter, which can also be a reason why she still looks young while she has been teaching for a long time.

NTPU President Lee Chen-jia (李承嘉) is one of Chao’s students. He said he enrolled the department in 1977 and Chao was already a popular teacher on the campus. He also enjoyed Chao’s class a lot.

“Just….I did not realize that she could paint,” Lee said.

Echoing Lee, Wang Chin-hsiang (王進祥) from Class ’72 also remembered his study with Chao.

“Name those important figures in this field today. You will figure that they are all Chao’s students,” Wang said. “Unfortunately, Chao only taught me professional subjects instead of painting.”

While everybody was “complaining,” Chao decided to show a move or two at the scene. She asked her “students” to get a brush, practice “I” vertically and horizontally for 15 minutes every day. Draw six “O” clockwise and counter clockwise as well as the shape of the triangle. Also, observe and try to paint the leaves of a plum blossom, an orchid, the bamboo or a chrysanthemum.

“Do that. If you are still lost, call me,” she said.

The exhibition of Chao’s Chinese paintings will be displayed on the second floor of the library until Dec. 17. Escort with audio tour services are available upon reservations.

Law School Organizes Seminar for Corporate Criminal Code

2019 / 10 / 22
National Taipei University’s (NTPU) College of Law organized a seminar for Corporate Criminal Code related issues between Oct. 22 and Oct. 23, while law professors from Germany and Austria shared their views with local counterparts.

Many law professionals believe that only “individuals” would break the Criminal Code instead of a “company” that criminal charges against a “company” would usually be dropped whenever there is one. The Ting Hsin International Group was involved in food scandal four years ago but the company was only fined for NT$38 million because judges took advantage of this concept – that criminal charges only apply to “individuals” instead of “companies.” This case, again, highlighted the issue and made it a public concern.

Assistant Law Professor Wang Chih-fan (王士帆) said that many people believe criminal charges would not apply to “companies” but this concept is not necessarily accurate. There are related laws to punish “companies” but it is necessary to discuss whether these charges should be covered by the Criminal Code, instead of additional articles or independent related laws.

Wang said that such a concept has been accepted by many European countries except Germany. In Austria, for example, they do have a special law to punish “companies” when “companies” are defendants in a suit.

The professor also said, however, details or actual plans whether related punishments for “companies” should be covered by the Criminal Code and how relate punishments should be made for “companies” as defendants are still up in the air as of now.

Prof. Wolfgang Frisch from University of Freiburg’s Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, Prof. Helmut Satzger from Ludwig-Maximilians -University Munuch were invited as panelists to share their views and reasons why company are not listed as defendants on trial in Germany, while Prof. Peter Lewisch from University of Vienna shared his view what kind of penalties a company may be facing once it is listed as a defendant.

Frisch believes that the controversial issue is controversial because there are different definitions toward whether a “company” can be punished. Lewisch, meanwhile, said that what is being carried out in Austria may not apply to what it is in Taiwan today.

In the meantime, law school also signed a memorandum with Ludwig-Maximilians -University Munuch for a closer tie.

OIA hold a “Culture Day” activities on Oct.16th-17th

2019 / 10 / 22

Office of International Affairs (OIA) held the “Culture Day” activities on Oct.16-17 to link Taiwanese students and international students.

The exchange students Jiří Kopřiva from University of West Bohemia of Czech and MA Quan-you from Huaqiao University of China introduce their schools and countries on Oct 16.

Jiří introduced his own school and the famous scenery of Czech.  Since Ma’s majors are Humanities and History ,he introduced his homeland-YIN CHUAN, a city of Northeast China.

Muhammad Hafizhuddin Al Ghifary and Julicia Utari A Dariyah from International Program on Urban Governance from Indonesia introduced their hometown by video and prepared some souvenirs for Taiwanese students who answered the quiz about Indonesia.

Zuni from Master Program of Business Administration in Finance also introduced Vietnam on Oct 17.  She compared the differences between Vietnam and Taiwan first, then taught Taiwanese students speaking basic conversation in Vietnamese.