School Leaving Procedure Notices for Bachelor/Master/Doctor Program Graduates (2020 Spring Semester)

1. Please review if there’s anything undone at the “School Leaving Procedure System” after June 8th, 2020. (Located in your student information system.)

A. Grades/Scores are all recorded over your years of study, and have met the graduation threshold.

B. Confirmation of every unit related to the school leaving procedure. (Each department, Library, Cashier Section, International Affairs etc.)

*Confirmation from the Center of Comparative Law Documentation/ Reference & Extension Services Section of Library are excluded for Bachelor degree students.

2. Once everything above is done, please bring your Student ID card and head to the Registration Section for your diploma.

3. All graduates should finish the school leaving procedure before September 11th.


1. Office hour during summer break: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
2. According to school academic calendar, classes begin on September 14th. Thus, graduates should complete the school leaving procedure before September 11th to avoid any influence on further education.
3. Students who is in urgent need of graduation certificate, please take note to go through the process early.
4. Student Information System and E-learning Academy 2.0 accounts will be deactivated after the graduation certificate was collected. Kindly back up all of the information for further references if needed.
5. Before leaving school, students who still is the school part-time assistant should go through the contract termination process in each responsible unit. (Personnel Division, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Research and Development Affairs)