NTPU Won the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award

National Taipei University (NTPU) President Lee, Chen-Jai (李承嘉) said on Nov. 28 that NTPU will do more in the future, including more courses and resources, as the school has won the “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award for the second consecutive year.

The award was offered by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy and aimed at constant development of firms, environment and talents.

While attending the ceremony, Legislative Speaker Su, Jia-Chyuan (蘇嘉全) said that caring for the environment, helping cultivate talents as well as social responsibilities are all crucial for a company to build its reputation.  Eugene Chien (簡又新), chairman for the institute, urged all the participants, including private firms, organizations and schools, to continue their good work to inspire local market and government bodies, so more foreign investments would come to Taiwan in the future.

NTPU published the “2017-2018 National Taipei University Sustainable Evaluation” in July by following the mechanism and standards by the GSSB, while the evaluation made public of all kinds of information that foreign investments may need to know.  This evaluation was also recognized and confirmed by accountants before it was published.

This evaluation is also available on NTPU’s website.

The president said, however, he noticed that many participants put more efforts on their organization reforms and their own evaluations, which reflected the fact that there is still room for NTPU, as a participant, to make progress.  Vice President Chang, Wen-Yu (張文郁) will be responsible for following up related resources from different offices in a hope that NTPU may take the lead in terms of sustainability.

The “2019 Global Company Sustainability Forum” was organized at the Grand Hotel between Nov. 28 and Nov. 29.  In addition to this award, related professors, scholars, officials from all around the world and representatives from local firms, organizations and schools shared their views through seminars and workshops.

NTPU’s College of Business also organized the “company sustainability” workshop during the forum. Michel Delorme, dean for Laurentian University’s Facility of Management in Canada, was invited to deliver a speech on “CSR cultural development, while many domestic researchers and professors also made public their research results in various workshops during the event.