NTPU Becomes a Member of Artificial Intelligence Financial Technology

Along with five other universities and five local banks, National Taipei University (NTPU) on Oct. 30 became a member of this ally of artificial intelligence financial technology and will develop more talents in the field with other members.

The ally was convened by inFlux President Arthur Yao (姚木川), who is also an EMBA student at NTPU and joined by National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, Soochow University, National Taipei University of Business, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Shin Kong Bank, Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Concord Securities, KGI Bank and Far Eastern International Bank.  The end goal for this ally was to develop more talents to work out more artificial intelligence devices to help financial technology.

Yao said that for banking business, an alternative solution for more potential markets will be the best antidote but the process is often jammed due to related laws.  Through the ally, he is expecting more alternative solutions from these future talents, that they may join the market with their creativities and fresh ideas for new breakthroughs.

 “I think this ally will be a great booster for local competition between local banks,” said Chang Chuang-chang (張傳章), vice chairman for the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC).  “However, I am also hoping that this ally would do its best to avoid potential risks and ethical issues that may come from artificial intelligence.”

Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable Secretary General Wu Tang-chieh (吳當傑) said that the FSC and his organization have been recruiting future talents in the banking business.  He is hoping this ally will help him locate and train more potential candidates in the future.

NTPU Vice President Chen Dar-hsin (陳達新) said that this ally covers two hottest issues today – artificial intelligence and financial technology.  Unfortunately, it is always difficult for schools to recruit qualified teachers in these fields.  The ally, however, offers field teachers to help students “practice” while it will also help train remaining teachers at the same time.

The vice president also said that the capability of composing software programs is more and more important for many schools.  But he believes that management and marketing are also important on top of composing programs.  In addition to participating in the ally, NTPU’s business school is also teaming up with Amazon so more information and resources will be available for the future development of artificial intelligence and financial technology.

Yao said that it is more important for artificial intelligence and financial technology to fit in our daily life.  While he is trying to recruit more talents from this ally, Shin Kong Bank is also trying to hire more talents in arts and philosophy.