Fall Orientation for Exchanged Students

National Taipei University (NTPU) Office of International Affairs organized the 2019 Fall Orientation for more than 100 exchanged students from around the world in the beginning of semester. While it was the first trip to Taiwan for many of them, these international students were expecting more study, more friends, more trips in Taiwan, and more future chances as well.

New students were well introduced to the campus, the administrative process, as well as everything else that they may need to know on a need-to-know basis. International Cooperation Section head Andy Ku (顧嘉安) said that NTPU is an academic wonderland for students, that they are more than welcome to explore on many aspects. Whenever there is a question or problem, his office is the place to ask for help.

Kilian Poulin and Dyfan Do Amaral came from EFREI Paris. It is Amaral’s first trip to Taiwan but not Poulin. It also gave the two French students different expectation of next 12 months.

Poulin has a Taiwanese girlfriend and is expecting to merge into Taiwanese life style more than ever, while he is hoping to continue to improve his Mandarin and experience the culture. For Amaral, he could not really give a picture of his plan because he just arrived within 24 hours, but he is gearing up for almost everything.

It is also Oscar Vaudour’s first trip to Taiwan. The French student from ESSCA School of Management said that he was simply planning to “go away.” Also, a relative of his who has been doing business in Taiwan has recommended the Asian nation and he decided to fill up the application form.

“I do not know much about Taipei,” he said. “I think, now that the name is ‘National Taipei University,’ it is supposed to be the best school in town, no?”

Vaudour took five classes for the new semester. But he also wants to spend more time exploring the city and the country.

“I want to know if this nation is that good as what my relative told me,” said Vaudour. Many students from La Rochelle Business School, including Vaisse Theu, decided to come to Taiwan because of a concern of future development of Asia market. Prior to their landing, these French students have visited Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia during the summer. They are hoping to learn more about the future development of local market.

Czech student Jiki Kopriva has been in town for a week and is doing well. Kopriva likes Taipei because of the clean environment and friendly people. Other than studying electronic engineering, Kopriva is also hoping to improve his Mandarin and planning a trip to go around the island.

Indonesian freshman Mujiono came along with his wife. He will be working on his master’s in electronic engineering and is planning to finish it within two years. To compare with Taiwan and Indonesia, Mujiono said that Taiwan is far more developed than where he came from. He will work hard here and contribute himself to his hometown afterwards. Although there are not too many Muslims in town, he affirmed the efforts that Taiwanese government has done for his kind, that he has yet encountered too much trouble while he spent his life here. Mujiono, meanwhile, said he is quite excited about the new facilities of his department.

NTPU is also hosting 12 Chinese students from Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance this year. Qian Yi (錢溢), for example, said that NTPU became his priority for the exchange program because she “wants to see Amber Kuo’s (郭采潔) alma mater.”

Qian has been in town for two days and has already felt the convenience of the dorm area. Facing the magnificent Sanxia campus, she is hoping to cope up with the differences of the culture and merge into local life as soon as possible.

Her friend Li Shufang (李淑芳) said she learned a lot about Taiwan and she is about to testify every one of them.